Saturday, March 1, 2008

For The Sports Moms!

For all of the Moms that spend time on the soccer, baseball or football fields or on the sidelines at the basketball courts I have the perfect design for you! Show your support with earrings, key chain or a bracelet! Made with your choice of a football, soccer, basketball or baseball bead or any combination if you child plays multiple sports!

The price for the name bracelet is $40.00 and the Earrings are $8.00.


Linda said...

I wore my soccer bracelet throughout the fall season and our U-10 team went undefeated and was the winner of the tournament! If you could guarantee that kind of luck to all the sports moms who buy these from you, YOU would be a winner! *LOL* The spring soccer season is about to begin. I need to buy a pair of earrings.

gqzmommy said...

What a great idea! I love them! I'll have to get a bracelet made once my kiddo chooses a sport and sticks w/it. He's tried soccer and now on to hockey. Who knows what's next?!? He's only 3 so there are a few years left to go back and forth deciding on one or all of them :D

Anonymous said...

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