Friday, February 1, 2008

Aunt Ida's Pearls

This is a very special bracelet that I designed with my Great Aunt Ida's Pearls. My Aunt Ida is very special to me. Growing up she was more like a Grandmother and I loved going to her house to visit. She always let my sister and I play with her jewelry and dress up in her fancy night gowns and robes. I have so many fond memories of her and the time we spent at her house.
One of the memories that comes to mind is asking her if we could sleep all night in her recliner's and of course she said yes :-) It was not the most comfortable night of sleep but one that I will never forget. I was in one recliner and she was in the other. There was always so much fun to have at her house and she always spoiled us.
I chose this design because it reminds me of Aunt Ida. It is made with her pearls, Swarovski crystal cubes and Swarovski crystal roundel's and an antique toggle clasp. I love turning special beads that may be somewhat outdated or possibly broken into a cherished memory that you can enjoy wearing!
If you have beads that you would like restrung or redesigned contact me for pricing.


Linda said...

This fabulous bracelet, handcrafted from Aunt Ida’s pearls and the beautiful beads you selected, is a true work of art. It is a blessing to be able to wear this bracelet in her honor. As you know, she celebrated her
94th birthday in December and she still enjoys wearing pretty clothes and her bling! ~ Mom

Melissa Jennings said...

Thanks Mom! Yes she does. I am going to have to make her a bracelet!

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