Monday, February 25, 2008

A Design for the "Berea Babes"!

I designed this bracelet for a group of my Mom's friends who call themselves the "Berea Babes". They all went to high school together and have kept in touch throughout the year's but recently began getting together again, going on weekend trips together and enjoying each other's friendship.

One of the "babes" is a breast cancer survivor and just recently had another surgery and the other "babes" wanted to give her a special gift to help her know that their "arms are wrapped around her - from a distance - showing how much they care about her". I am so excited about how this piece turned out and I hope the "babes" are too!

Each charm is significant in that it represents something important. The Cross, a symbol of her Christian faith that has given her the courage to remain strong, the cancer ribbon, engraved with "survivor" on one side is a symbol of her fight against this disease, and the heart, placed as the center charm is a symbol of the friendship that the "Berea Babes" have for one another.

The price for this piece is $36.00.


Linda said...

Yes, we are the "Berea Babes" although I refer to us as the "old" girlfriends. I can't wait to give this bracelet to our friend, Karla. Thank you for creating this special design. I am so proud of your work!
Love, Mom

gqzmommy said...

What a cool idea! Love it!

My mom gets together to play bunco w/her sisters and girlfriends from high school, they've been doing it over 30 years now, this would be a great idea for them to do... I'll have to mention it to them.

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