Monday, March 17, 2008

Jewelry With a Cause!

I designed this three piece set for a very close family friend. She was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and just had a double masectomy. My mother and I decided we wanted to send her a special gift so I designed this set for her. We wanted her to know we are thinking about her and wanted her to have something to give her strength as she is recovering and going through future treatments. In addition I will donate $5.00 for each set that I sell in honor of her to The American Cancer Society.

The price for this set is $6.00 Cell Phone Charm, $8.00 Earrings and $30.00 Bracelet.

1 comment:

gqzmommy said...

What a beautiful gift! The set is really neat and it's such a great thing you're doing by making donations, too!

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