Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Blog Challenge...

I am taking part in a blog challenge. In the next few weeks I have agreed to review/spotlight 10 other WAHM's and share with you their work and blogs! I hope you have fun learning about the other WAHM's businesses and take a moment to check out their blogs and websites.

Chicks and Cubs

The first business that I want to share with you is called Chicks and Cubs. You can visit Chicks and Cubs at This is a really neat business and one that I think is worth checking out! It is owned by Cynthia Powell. Cynthia started Chicks & Cubs in 1999 because she wanted to be home with her son and still have some sort of work interest.

She started the business with the Patty-Cakes(R) product line and has added other items that she loves along the way. Her husband's family has Patty-Cakes of their 4 children from over 45 years ago. The first time she saw them, she was hooked! She knew that Patty-Cakes(R) was the kind of keepsake that she would love to have when she had children. Years later she took her first son to have his Patty-Cakes done by the same family that did her husbands many years earlier. It was then that she discovered that Patty-Cakes(R) was a franchise type business. She was determined to start a Patty-Cakes business in her area and did in 1999.

I personally love the Patty Cakes(R) and would love to have one of Peyton's precious hands! Cynthia also offers Baby Shoe Bronzing and Photo Keepsake Boxes. I also want to get his baby shoes bronzed. They have a lifetime guarantee and she offers a wide selection of finishes from traditional bronze to pewter and ceramic. She also offers bookends which are my favorite!

In addition to special keepsakes she also offers a variety of Child Safety Products including Car Seat ID's, Physical ID's, Wallet ID's, DNA Fingerprint and Tooth print Safety Kits and More! I honestly think you can never be too safe with your children safety and with vacation season upon us I would recommend that you order a safety kit today!

Cynthia has a blog as well check it out at

Check it out when you get a chance! She offers some great discounts and giveway opportunities!

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k-rosenberg said...


I love Cynthia’s Chicks and Cubs concept. What an adorable business to be in! She had such a novel idea too, the Patty Cakes are precious. It’s also obvious from your review that she had a great business mind, and did her fair share of hard work and networking along the way. Now she runs her business online primarily and keeps a blog, one of the best networking tools on the internet. Some WAHMs may find the creation and maintenance of an internet-based business overwhelming, but there are great solutions out there. For example, Microsoft just released a new suite called Office Live Small Business, and it’s designed exactly for budding entrepreneurs and home-based business owners. It’s basically a one-stop shop, with customizable web page designers (so easy to use, no HTML experience needed!) and a highly organized e-mail beta that keeps your invoices in line and checks the status of sent e-mails, and even sends reports of your website’s traffic. I’ve been using it for the past few weeks and it’s just a fabulous tool for any home business owner!

There’s more information about OLSB at

Oh and one of the best perks is that not only does Microsoft host everything on your website, you get a personalized “.com” web address for free. I recommend all the WAHM readers out there check it out. I work with Microsoft, so if there are any questions, feel free to e-mail me at Melissa, again, wonderful blog post! I’m going to check out the Chicks and Cubs website right now! Hope to be in touch.


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