Sunday, May 4, 2008

Initials Bracelets

I wanted to share with you two designs that I have recently completed featuring intials. I think they both turned out great! The first one used a color scheme of black, pink and clear swarovski crystals and features her son's three initials. I made this bracelet as a gift that will be given for Mother's Day.

The second bracelet is made of Sterling Silver and features two sets of initials and birthstones for each of the recipients two children. I really like both of these designs and it gives another option to a personalized name bracelet.

The price for the first bracelet is $30.00

The price for the second bracelet is $35.00

1 comment:

gqzmommy said...

The black crystals are gorgeous! And I really like the look w/the pink crystals.

Beautiful work, Melissa!

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