Sunday, September 28, 2008

Beaded Wine Glass Charms

Just in time for the holidays! MJennings Designs, LLC is now offering wine glass charms! Wine glass charms make awesome gifts for holiday's, special occasions, weddings gifts, bridal shower gifts, housewarming presents or just because. They are a great way to identify your glass at a party. I can customize with any theme and in any amount.

The price for this this set is $20.00.

The price for this set is $15.00.

The price for this set is $20.00.

The price for this set is $20.00.


Anonymous said...

nice post,nice bolg as well check mine:

Paula said...

My Aunt was here this week visiting...she said she loves her teapot bookmark so much that she won't use it. She's afraid it will get lost. She's having it mounted and framed.

gqzmommy said...

those are so cute! I wish I was a wine drinker.

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