Friday, September 19, 2008

Interchangeable Watch Made with Hot Flash Beads

I designed these interchangeable watches using Hot Flash Beads made by artisan Jimmy Lou Jackson of Berea, KY. I love the funky hot flash beads and really enjoy wearing them. I wanted to create a watch for myself and my Mother. I love interchangeable watches because they are so versatile. I enjoy changing the band daily to match watch I am wearing and my mood :-) It is also so economical because you invest in just one watch face and can interchange the bands for so much less money. The price for the watch is $30.00. Additional interchangeable bands are $15.00 and up.


1 Crafty Gal said...

Ohhhh Melissa, this is totally my style!!! This might be my excuse to FINALLY WEAR A WATCH! I still won't be on time, but I'll be stylin'! I love it!

Hi! I'm Jen said...

Those are really cute!! Love them!!

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