Thursday, October 16, 2008

Melissa's Top 10 Christmas Gift Picks!

It is hard to believe that there are only 70 days left until Christmas! I wanted to showcase some of my favorite designs so I decided to do a Top 10 Christmas Gift Pick. Here they are!

My number 10 pick is: A personalized key chain! I love personalized gifts and everyone can use a key chain. I love this design because it is a double strand key chain. It could be personalized with a name, or what your children "call you". It can also be customized with charms of your choice. The second strand is a birthstone strand which is a favorite gift of mine as well. The price for this piece starts at $25.00.

My number 9 pick is the gemstone watch. This is a favorite because it is useful and it goes with everything! This is a very popular design because people most everyone wears a watch and also because gemstones are very popular right now. In addition like I mentioned it does with "everything". The price for this piece is $30.00.

My number 8 pick is the Dad Bracelet. Jewelry is becoming a popular gift for men right now. I like this simple design because most men enjoy wearing simple jewelry as well as it is suitable for both casual and business casual environments at work. It is made on a neoprene (rubber) band can be made with or without a clasp. It can also be customized children's names or favorite sports teams! The option of leather is also available. The price for this piece is $15.00 and up.

My top 7 pick is sports jewelry! If you know a sports "fan" then you can not go wrong with a sports bracelet for gift giving. I make these for ANY sports team! I can customize with school colors and mascot. The price for this piece is $30.00.

Coming in at number 6 is charm bracelets. I love them! They come in any theme imaginable. I have done scrap booking, gardening, holiday, dog, tea, quilt, red hat society and more! They can be custom designed for anyone! The price for this piece is $45.00.

My number five pick is my newest line, hand stamped jewelry. I love the simple design and the fact that each piece is unique! I can hand stamp a name, date and or phrase of our choice! I also have a new double heart stamp. The charms can be hung on a simple silver chain or a rubber or leather cord. I can also turn them into earrings or bracelets. The price for this piece starts at $15.00 and up.

My number 4 pick is an agate beaded necklace. This slab is available in black, brown, pink, purple and blue. I absolutely love this design and wear my slab necklaces daily. Perfect for any woman or young lady! The price for this piece is $40.00.

My top 3 choice is the Chandelier Earring. It is a very popular choice and is available in the color of your choice. I love this design as it is very eye catching on and is a great price point for gift giving. If you don't know what to get for someone and they have pierced ears...earrings are always a great choice! I also have a variety of styles available priced at $10-$15. The price for this piece is $30.00.

My number 2 pick is the child size name bracelet. This is a very popular choice for the little princesses on your list. It makes a wonderful Baptism, Christening and First Communion gift too! It can be customized with birthstone or swarovski colors of your choice. It can be sent back and resized as your child out grows it so that it can be worn for other special occasions later in your child's life too! I also offer custom rosaries and rosary bracelets which make very nice gifts. The price for this piece is $25.00.

My all time number 1 choice is the classic Mommy bracelet or Grandmother's bracelet. This is still the most popular item that I design. Prices start at $35.00 a strand in sterling silver and go up to $50.00 a strand as pictured in the photo below. The mommy bracelet can be customized with children's name or what the children "call you". I can place up to three names on a strand depending on the length of the children's names. They can be designed with up to four strands. They can be customized with birthstones or colors of your choice. For a complete selection visit my website.

Well there you have my TOP 10! I hope it gives you some ideas for finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list! If you have any questions please feel free to contct me!

My Christmas delivery deadline is December 10th!


gqzmommy said...

What a great idea, to list all your goodies and remind of the great gifts we can give.

I'm almost 100% at giving handmade gifts this year...and your creations are helping me in that task :D

mjenningsdesigns said...

Thanks Tonya! You ROCK!


Anonymous said...

I haven't started on my Christmas shopping yet.

momof2 said...

Hi Melissa, what a great list - I am beginning to think on my Christmas list.

I definately love the Mommy Bracelet ... and as you know I just got one for my birthday from my DH - that you made. It is beautiful!! I love wearing it.

Hi! I'm Jen said...

I love the watch and stamped necklaces!!

How much would it cost for a stamped necklace one with
"Olivia" and "Sarah" with a silver chain verses with a leather cord?

Thanks so much!!

I think it would be a great gift for my sister!


Traci W said...

I love the hand-stamped jewelry! I already forwarded your email to my husband. I'm real subtle - hopefully you'll hear from him soon. :)


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