Thursday, December 11, 2008

Guatemalan Name Bracelets

I recently designed these two precious bracelets for my friend Rhonda. They are going to look so cute on her precious little girls. I met Rhonda when we were "in process" and waiting for Peyton to come home. Rhonda was waiting on Katelyn. It seems like we just met and yet it is hard to believe that it has really been 4 year's. We "talk" on a regular basis through email and now follow each other regularly through our blogs. I am so thankful for her and our friendship. She and I have been there for each other through good times and bad.

These bracelets would make wonderful keepsakes for a "Family Day" or "Gotcha Day" gift. I have just recently purchased a supply of beads, Guatemala girl charms and butterflies. They would make cute necklaces too!

The price for this piece is $30.00.


gqzmommy said...

these are cute! the little hanging charm is adorable and would make a sweet necklace, too.

Shelley said...

I really like this too. I LOVE bracelets. Definitely bookmarking this!

Linda said...

These are precious for very special little girls!

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