Thursday, February 5, 2009

Guatemama Bracelet

I designed this very special "Guatemama" bracelet for myself. I found hand painted clay beads and charms on ETSY and just couldn't pass them up. I bought 24 girl charms, 12 boys charms and 12 butterfly charms. I also bought 50 beads. So as they say, "it is first come, first served". For this design I wanted to incorporate Peyton's birthstone which is in January and I wanted to incorporate his "Family Day" stone which is June. In addition I added four hand painted clay beads and a Guatemalan boy charm. This design can be customized to your style. I think it would be nice with gemstones as well. If you are interested in custom design Guatemama bracelet please contact me.

The price for this piece is $35.00.


Little Ladybug Designs said...

Hi Melissa,

What a wonderful idea for a bracelet. This is absolutely beautiful!

You have been tagged! Stop by my blog whenever you get a chance. :-)

Tonya A said...

Melissa - this is so cool! The clay beads are gorgeous and what an awesome thing, putting a birth date stone and family date stone.

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