Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Inspirational Anklet

I was recently asked to design an anklet for a customer. She has a friend who was diagnosed with cancer and wanted to create a design for her to encourage her through her upcoming battle. The charms read "Believe", "Courage", "Faith", "Live", "Laugh" and "Love". It is sterling silver. I love how the charms dangle. It is perfect for summer fun and I think can be worn every day for inspiration. I hope she enjoys it and it gives her strength.

The price for this piece is $65.00.
It could be designed with pewter charms for less.


----- Jennifer ----- said...

your blog is very nice

gqzmommy said...

very pretty Melissa! I love how the charms will dangle!

liz juwelen said...

that is indeed a very lovely and inspiring piece of jewelry! i'm sure the dainty little charms will encourage your client's friend to fight her battle courageously!

Teri said...

Hey Melissa - do you know anything about the availability of diabetic charms for beading? I have another bloggie friend with a daughter who has diabetes - she said she's been hard-pressed to find something that isn't a 90-yr-old senior citizen's med-alert bracelet for her daughter. Let me know if you think of anything so I can pass the word along to her! :) Thanks!!

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