Saturday, June 28, 2008

Slab Agate Pendants

Several weeks ago I introduced a slab agate pendant necklace that I made for my former student Brittney. I have now found the agate slab pendants in five color's! It is available in pink, purple, teal, dark blue and brown. I just love these pendants and I am going to place an order for one of each. If you would like one please let me know. I think these will make awesome Christmas presents! Brittney is actually ordering one for all of the women on her Christmas shopping list!

Here is the finished necklace with the pink agate slab pendant.

The price for this piece is $35.00


gqzmommy said...

The necklace is gorgeous...wish I was fancy enough to wear one! LOL!

1 Crafty Gal said...


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