Friday, July 11, 2008

Another tribute piece...

My friend Jacalyn asked me to re-string a special beaded necklace for her. It belonged to her grandmother and it was one of the few items that she has that belonged to her. It had broken due to age and she had the beads in a small plastic container. I always love to restring meaningful pieces of jewelry because I know how much I cherish items that were once my Granny's or Great Aunts.

We decided to change the look a bit and use sterling silver findings instead of the gold that was originally used. Jacalyn was quite pleased with how it turned out and is excited about being able to wear it once again.

I loved being a part of turning the broken strand of beads into an updated new piece for my friend.

The price for this piece was $15.00 restringing fee plus materials.

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