Thursday, July 10, 2008

A classy tribute bracelet

I was recently asked to design a very special tribute bracelet for a customer who is also a family friend. She wanted me to design a bracelet for her using a strand of her friends pearls that were a gift from her long-time friend who died suddenly as a young mother.

It meant so much to me that she asked me to design this special tribute bracelet for her. As I began to come up with a design I wanted to be sure to keep the integrity of the piece. I decided to use the original clasp because I thought it would be very meaningful. Since I was using the original clasp that led me to use gold in this design. I used 14k gold filled corrugated beads and swarovski crystal roundels with the existing pearls. I think the piece turned out quite classy and I hope that my Mom's friend Karla enjoys wearing it and remembering her friend each time that she does.

The price for this piece is $10.00 stringing fee plus materials.

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Linda said...

I just received this bracelet in the mail and it is absolutely gorgeous!!! My friend will be so happy!

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