Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I love to STAMP cell phone charms!

I made these cute I love to stamp cell phone charms for my good friend Karie. She wanted the green for herself and the other's for gift giving so I made each one a different color :-) I hope that she likes them and whoever the lucky recipients are I hope they like them too!

I had a great time chatting in person this morning Karie! :-) LOL, most of our chatting is done online... :-) Thinking of you and sending you more HUGS! Keep me posted! As always, you ROCK!


gqzmommy said...

How adorable! Love them! That stamp charm is awesome!

Linda said...

That is the cutest charm!! We need to find something for the Berea Babes.

1 Crafty Gal said...

I absolutely LOVE these and one of the lucky ladies got her charm today! She was also very excited!!! Thank you Melissa for making these...and ALL of my pieces. YOU SO ROCK!!

Can't wait until Aug 2nd!!!

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