Wednesday, July 23, 2008

One woman's junk is another woman's treasure!

My friend Nicole brought me a gift last night...a broken watch :-) She is moving to California and found a broken watch while packing. She was going to throw it away and then thought of me!

I was able to re-use the beads and create a fabulous NEW watch for myself! It made me smile to think that I was able to re-use these beads and save them from a terrible death :-) Thanks so much Nicole! I guess the moral to this story is when you are considering throwing out a broken necklace, watch or bracelet consider "recycling" it instead! I can always use the beads for another project or can restring or recreate a piece for you!

These are not the greatest photos as I just used my everyday camera but wanted to share with you this recycled design! :-)

The price for this piece is priceless but I would sell it for $25.00 :-)

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Jen said...

I love that you do that... recycle
I do the same with my children's decore pieces. (For my Whimsy By Design business)

Some older furniture I find or that is given to me is usually high quality and just need some attention.

I get the biggest rush from creating a new piece out of something someone was planning on throwing out!!

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